Pointless and overrated love

Sometimes you don’t like overrated things … And love is among those overrated things ..that you want
I mean you are Like so desperate to be loved … But you’re not aware …are you aware ?? Yeah you are aware of the consequence
But still you go with ” love flow ” and …there you are crying in bed
Trying to forget that person you love…but still you don’t want forget that person
Cuzz” you love that person
And you love loving that person to
And still wanna cry for that person
I feel.. Seriously stupid to be that person sometimes !!


The one you are !!

This feels a little disappointing that not everyone in your life comes with good intentions, not everyone has a kind heart as you, not everyone is as generous as you, not everyone sees goodness in people like you see
And.. Still you get attached to those who don’t like to be so attached with you ..!! And they want to get over with you,
But you can’t
And this don’t mean at all that you should change yourself ”Not at all”
If you really want to be changed
Change yourself for you
And loving those change makes you more perfect..in that changed and new you !! 💞

The beauty of darkness!!

I’ve seen beauty of night
It is deep dark
You feel nothing
But it’s cold
I’ve seen beauty in darkest sides of people
I wish I could save them from dark side they have or maybe I could let them see…what I see in them
It’s empty shells but not empty shells they are pure lovers!! They just pretend to have nothing
But they have more then brightest person can ever have !! You can keep that distance from everyone …
Yeah !! Go ahead
Keep distance
But don’t keep distance from the one inside you, it’s whom you need to show your true love
It’s the only person in the world waiting …waiting to see how deep lover you are …love yourself like Demon
Be dark !! Be pure !!

It was not a fairytale love story

I always had a thing for fairytale, that one day I will might have a prince charming

Not actually that believer, but wanted to be a part of one of the stories of fairytale

I was so desperate to love and to be loved, and that sounds so stupid that I wanted to be a princess

And I was waiting …

Waiting for that one prince charming , To take me on clouds on his white horse

But, then it was me who bump into a man of evilness. I hate the one from so long

He made me realize that I was not even known to my own self, the way he knows me no one can even imagine I’m like that not even me !!

He pulled me out of the crowd I pretended to like

And then there was my fantasy came true

I was with the devil, always had a devil

I know only I can see his heart so clear through his blue eyes, I was in love with

Maybe I can stand with him to tell him it’s okay to be with me,I can be your light in your darkest kingdom of hell

And I will never care who’s watching and complaining, I will be forever drunk in your love

Even if you say you are evil, you are selfish, you don’t care !

But, somehow I see myself matters to you a lot , the one girl you can’t be selfish with

For your worst time , I will give my best days

So that I can show you a good Time!!

And yes, a little bit of talk and a little bit of walk will work for you as love them !!

I always wanted to blow my love in Paris first , I kinda love the cities of Europe!!

I ain’t that perfect, I can hurt you a bit

I know I was searching for a Prince charming. But it’s so hard to replace a devil like you

Fallin for you was like fallin for Grace !!

You are the one wrapped in all that I need, no need to imagine I’m not ashamed having you holding my hands

I know once I wanted a Prince charming to take me in heaven

But ,you my Darling

You just brought the whole heaven for me, that looks so unreal but romantic

And the way you just do things for me, I want you back again the moment you leave

I had no idea no idea that people on earth Like us different can love each other

I don’t care that why I choose you, I have no regrets either …dating the bad boy !!

Cause’ I know you from moment we met

The strength you gave, you showed me a mirror I never saw in life

The girl I never knew was in me !!

The flowers you planted for me, I guess no one was half effective like you !!

A place to stay !!

One day I will no longer be running from place to place

One day I will stay!!

I will stay for my peace!!

The peace of moment ..that will have all my happiness and good memories.

Before I close my eyes, forever…!!

I can enjoy that moment for bit longer, near a lake surrounded by trees and dancing flowers.

And I’ll be sitting on a wooden chair to Cherish the beauty of a peaceful land.

From that place ..even if I look back…

I will no longer be scared of anything,not even from my dark past.

It will be just ..my happy moments of life and those beautiful memories I never admired because I was to scared of my past !!

Maybe for that one day I’m still alive and breathing for reason, for purpose I don’t know exactly what is the purpose of this life that has no wish to live..but, still this body don’t give up, this heart don’t give up, this soul still believe that one day I will make this out ..I will have whatever I wish for !!


I gave up on that throne

Because I no longer see myself like the way I see myself sitting on that throne

But my inner self seek for something els

It is roting the brain

I fear myself , because I’m still on that throne I can’t escape …it’s attached to my soul of hate and power that craves more power that belongs to my other part

It wants to eat me, eat me all

Deep down I’m weak , and the part of me don’t like the weaker things

My good part fall will make the perfect queen for that bloody throne of I don’t know what it posses

But the power I feel it from the throne makes me crazy , my bad side go nuts

I go nuts !!

There is no going back to old you

It was a trigger you stepped on ..

A trigger that channels the power of false hopes into your mind that weaker your heart

And then it plays that every single poetry of pain and happiness you gone through

How amazing that feels to feel them again,to get them back again

That land of illusions you seeing yourself right now ..is a mirage

A diversion giving you hopes to get back to your normal life , to have that one day !

And then everything will be the same again, you will be the same again

Trust me, you will never like the same thing again…what was lost on a path was worth losing, even if it was the one you loved or maybe the only one you loved. You will be anything if you never felt the pain, worlds greatest lessons are learned through pain

You need to give pain and in the process you will have pain to ..loving someone truly gives you powers

But, losing that one gives you power that comes from the hate

As you are now .. Is the one who is in cycle of life learning lessons and leading lessons

Its likely possible, you are long gone

That person has lost himself to on that path he walking on …

I mean what are you now?? Are you not in love with your self ?? Don’t you love this air now more then you did before

If you Wants it to be ended

Deep down you crave for more

Whatever you are now

It was chosen, chosen by you !!

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