All she wanted, all she was…

She wanted to leave the worries behind to live a life of a burning eagle flying above thunder clouds, to be the alpha of strongest lions on ground…

Maybe she will fall

Maybe she will fail

But a women like her was never born to be replaced

She was born to recreate a new burning flame within her

She was born to create the magic inside

All she was a lil insane, all she wanted to be more blooming

You own your choice.

She was caught dreaming for the sky, locked by evils for years, she couldn’t escape from reality…but the girl never gave up, she never stopped dreaming.Every night she seize the sky all inside her eyes from all little to fly high… The scaredbody never bothered the thunderbolts in her heart.
The monstrosity screamed inside of the evils, and there she was carrying those lighting spark in her eyes to fight the monstrosity inside the evils, but not the evils
She believed in good, she believed in every person, and she fought for the right person …that helped to unlock those doors of every devil’s heart
Nothing really matters, until she knows the good inside of her is still alive,
Nothing really matters until she touch the end of the sky ❤


When your rage of aggression comes to the edge of your nerves, the aggression start taking a form of demon within you,Growing rapidly….Creating illusion in your path, when you start holding things.Your ego becomes your Pride your selfish behaviour pushes your loved ones out. The more you go into the illusion, the more things comes to a complicated end, you feel trapped in a deep trauma

When you see no windows or doors in your house, that time you will experience helplessness and then the inner demon will take over it will push your limits so hard that the only one option left is to surrender yourself to the demon or to give up on yourself

But, you know what you should be doing?? Instead of giving up…

You should find something to live for a reason you are here.. find the reason!!

Maybe you will suffer more than anyone, maybe you are not good as everyone, maybe there is no escape maybe you wanted to quit,maybe you see yourself stuck in a wrong place

The more you let you weaknesses take over , the more you’ll be blind to see the doors and windows !!

It’s OK to have questions, it’s OK to have doubts,it’s OK to have weaknesses, it’s OK to be lost

but,its not ok to drop that hope behind when you came so long walking on a path you chose… look at the path you are on right now, look how strong you became, look at the sky its still filled  with the glorious memories

The time you unhold things and start walking leaving all your past behind with the hope that everything will be fine

because what you have is that hope in your heart it will keep you going..


I was confused about love .. Like what is love actually ?? A air you breath in ?? That sexual thing blows your mind ?? Touch of soul ?? Crazy together ?? What is love ??

I saw a girl loving a smart , intelligent guy who fucking treats another girl like priority and walks miles to get a bunch of roses..and that girl is insane about a jerk who doesn’t give a fuck, but loves a burnt girl who is lonely and unloved and he wants love her like anything

I realized that looks matters , oh waits connection does to… Naa understanding I guess ?? Okay what makes people fall in love for each other ??

I just can’t understand what makes people fall in love so insane , what makes them stay in relationship, what makes them to feel different about that person ??

You know I saw people loving someone for different different reasons , someone loves for being real , someone loves for the connection, someone loves for the understanding , someone loves for that rare touch , someone loves the nature ,someone loves the personality …

I mean every person gave me different reason why they fall for there partner.

It was a different story for everyone .

I was talking to someone that what he thinks about love

So he gave me a very deep meaning, though he was having a different perspective about love that

“love is like a flower , when you love someone you don’t pluck it. You water it daily and see it flourishing”

he loves people when he see them loving humanity , animals or So called lower community in terms of financial and social status.

It was great knowing how a man feels about something that is deep and complicated
You cannot define love

Well I failed to describe what is actually love is… Just got to know everyone is having different definition about love

Everyone is having a different story about how they fall in love

Mine is simple

I don’t wanna keep terms and conditions

I just wanna be me front of him, I wanna be all open front of him , I wanna be clear as mirror and let him accept the fact that I’m not perfect !!

One day your morning light will be threatened by the great darkness of night.
Something this darkness knows about you, something this darkness will take.
This darkness posses a compulsion over your fears and weaknesses, it will take everything you have
Maybe, one day you will be left with nothing but that insensitivity to feel anything
You have to learn to take control over the internal monsters you have
The day you will discover that what makes the night so dark, so powerful, so beautiful, so calm you will see the whole universe moving in front of your eyes
The golden stars
Covered with diamonds
Your body will be free to feel something you’ve never felt
You can only be able to see your sides of expressions,
When you will explore the sprit folded in your body.
And you never know what is utterly random you have inside your chaotic body
Whatever you will have at the end, it will be worth carrying inside!!

My ankle hurts, is it b’coz I choose a wrong path or is just this shoe bite ??

Hey did I ever dream for being a princess or someone’s wife ??

I guess not in this life !

My head hurts , is it b’coz I over think ?? Ohh yes I’m truly a faithful over thinker for my entire life !

It took me a second to see myself as bright light , but again I was messing up with my mind

Could I please choose the right side ?? God replied :- babygirl you never tried to choose any side .. Right ??

the bad years as memories

it was that strange feeling i always feel in my heart , well i never felt anything more then a strange person on a alien planet !!

it was something , something like i can’t explain was bothering me and i couldn’t help my self , like i was stuck with it forever!!

every night i go back to my bed with so many thoughts, like i carry a universe. every time i try to sleep and end up like, laying on that dead bed with so many thoughts running front of my eyes.

and i also try ignoring them with taking those ‘deep breath’ that never worked for me !

last night i tired the same ”as i do every night”

but, after a moment i realized that i was somewhere else, i opened my eyes i found myself laying on that same bed with nothing it was just darkness , pitch darkness

and look what i found on the roof , my past memories hanging and scaring me like always. i was not that shocked to see any of those things , those painful memories ‘ it was like the fresh yesterday’ for me

pictures, pictures of my so called friends, pictures of a family i never felt a part of, pictures of those people who literately did wrong with me for nothing, pictures of those mistakes i did , pictures of those shameful moments, pictures of my failure, picture of that each hateful moment i had .. ohh i actually had painful moments noting was happy moment for me

did ever like ever good happened to me??

all i had was this , all i did was crying in the corner !

i wanted to forget my past, and forgive everyone even including me too…

so i slept again ,hugged my pillow tight and closed my eyes tight and i felt someone was behind me crying , i turned my side and i saw a dark shadow laying and crying..

i was not scared of that shadow ‘she felt so familer’, she was that part of me, that pain i was carrying from so long

and suddenly those drop of tears came out, i wanted to cry loud

forget all that shit happened, forget that pain

just for a moment i wanted to have that feeling of being alive, being happy , being loved , being a friend, being that everything i was never in my life

all i wanted to smile like i dreamed for , for once i wanna be free from the cadge of past

for once i wanna go to sleep peacefully !!